Friday, September 22, 2017

Some working definitions regarding accountability

Definition of Accountability
Organizations consist of people, processes, and systems. Each organization exists to produce a benefit, value, or usefulness to those outside the organization. This can be a product for customers, profitability to shareholders, or a service.

Accountability connects the degree to which the benefit, value, or usefulness did or did not occur to the people, processes, and systems. An accountability system ultimately assigns cause and responsibility to people.

Definition of Accountability System
An Accountability System is a change engine. It looks objectively at the degree to which the benefit, value, or usefulness is accomplished and generates findings that must be acted upon. An accountability system is not a reporting system per se, but much more. Reporting systems elevated to accountability systems risk judgments of success or failure that have nothing to do with the benefit, value, or usefulness it is an organization’s job to provide.

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